Find your ideal customers and crush your sales quota with ROI-centric lead generation

Let’s fill your calendar with qualified prospects on a pay-for-results basis by leveraging our deep industry know-how and a results-first philosophy.

Client-winning lead generation services for growing B2B companies

You can focus entirely on growing your business while we establish a steady flow of qualified business leads into your pipeline.

Lead research

We will find prospects, validate their data, and enrich existing lists with up-to-date info based on your requirements.

Linkedin automation

We will find prospects, validate their data, and enrich existing lists with up-to-date info based on your requirements.

AI email automation

8x your outreach without cold calls or manual outreach. Hypercharge your sales team’s efficiency and fill your pipeline with vetted business leads.

Retargeting strategy

Nurture your outbound leads and schedule more appointments through other relevant platforms like Linkedin, Twitter & Meta.

Appointment setting

Increase conversion rates & ROI with specialized SDRs who have practical industry experience in your field.

Fill your pipeline with appointments, or don’t pay us a dime.

Industry-tailored growth solutions

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Media Production
  • Financial Services
  • B2B SaaS
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Software Development
  • IT Services

Why choose us?

We are so confident in our services that we primarily operate on a pay-for-results basis.

  • Results-based fee structure
  • Cutting edge technology & tools
  • Completely integrated into your team
  • Fast & easy communication
  • Continous A/B testing & optimization
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Start getting booked appointments in 2-3 weeks

Schedule a no-commitment call to see if your business could benefit from our result-based services.

42 +

Monthly appointments on average

91% +

Average open rates


Average return on investment

How it works

See measurable results in just 3 months!

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No-commitment call

Checking to see if we can be a match based on a no-commitment call

  • We hop on to a no-commitment call to see if your business could benefit from our result-based services.
  • We get to know each others businesses and decide if we're a fit to work together
  • We make you an offer, sign a contract and get to the onboarding process

Onboarding process

Clarifying your ideal customer, offer, messaging & setting up the technical infrastructure

  • We clearly define your ideal target audience, their pointpoints and clarify your messaging & offer.
  • Our tech specialists make sure your emails make it to you prospect’s inbox
  • We take care of DNS settings as well as creating and warming up email addresses.
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User illustrations by Storyset

Tracking & optimizing

Monitoring performance and rigorously optimizing every part of the system

  • Tracking KPIs and regularly sending you reports
  • Continuous A/B testing of subject lines and templates
  • Our tech team makes sure to handle spam issues quickly if any were to arise
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Ready to close more deals?

Set up a no-cost call and get a tailored strategy, exact pricing, timeline & answers to any questions you might have

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about us

Where do you get the prospects' information?

We compile potential leads' information from various sources like public records, websites, and business directories etc. We are using methods like web scraping, purchasing databases, mining social media, and forming partnerships. We also collect data through surveys or opt-in offers. While many methods are legal and ethical, concerns exist about privacy and the ethical collection of data. Thus we make sure that we are fully compliant with both GDPR (EU) and CCPA (CA US).

How many appointments can I expect pr. month?

The number of appointments a customer can expect from a lead generation company varies due to factors like lead quality, industry, sales process, lead generation strategy, and customer expectations. Thus a customer with a high value on each sale typically gets fewer appointments than a customer with a high number of sales but with lower value on each sales. When we get to know our customer better, we may be able to give an estimate of number of appointments pr. month.

How do you make sure the appointments are qualified?

We predefine a lead with our prospects by sitting down with them and figuring out what makes a lead unqualified and qualified.

Why work with a lead generation company?

Working with a lead generation firm can yield substantial advantages. A primary benefit is that it enables businesses to concentrate on their core competency as their lead generation partner takes care of filling up the pipeline. Additionally, utilizing a lead generation firm may prove more economically efficient over time, considering the the resources and trial & error required to build an proficient inhouse team.

How much do your services cost?

It depends a lot of the business we are working with both size and type. We often work an a pay-pr-result basis. We will however always specify the total cost before we start any work. 

How quickly can I expect results?

It varies from industry to industry, but typically our customers see results from three weeks to three months.